Principal’s Message

Dear Parents/Guardians:

On behalf of the faculty and staff, welcome to Brucie Ball Educational Center! We provide educational services through a variety of programs. Our School-Based Program includes students with disabilities who attend school at Brucie Ball Educational Center. The Community-Based program provides educational services at home for students with disabilities who are confined to the home for medical reasons. Homebound students are taught by Brucie Ball Ed Center Homebound/Hospitalized Teachers, either by an Itinerant Teacher, or by a Teleclass Teacher over the phone. Our Alternative Telecommunications Program (ATC) teaches students via Teleclass who are placed in the program by the Office of Educational Opportunity and Access.

Regardless of which program serves your student’s educational needs, we value your involvement as a full partner in the education of your child. Please visit our school’s website at and follow us on Twitter @BrucieBallEdCtr for the latest information.


Amrita J. Prakash